Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Little Peoples" Farm Animal party favors

We have two nephews and a niece turning one within the next few weeks. While I was talking with my youngest sister about Eli's party, I offered to help make party favors and send them to her. The party theme is the "Little Peoples" farm animals. She sent me a link to the pictures of the party kit and I set to work making these:

Raquel saw the idea at a one-year-old girls' birthday party. Her jars had fabric flowers on the top. Raquel has all of the baby jars, but I was able to get one to make a sample of what these favors would look like. I sent her pictures, and she loves them!

I placed jelly beans in my jar, but she will fill hers with M&M's. I found the ribbon at Walmart, the cowbells at Hobby Lobby and made the denim circles from an old jean skirt and a thrifted jean dress (bought purposely for 99 cents for this project--and I have lots left over!). In order for the denim to stay on I had to glue it on the edges of the lid, then tie it with the ribbon. 

I made eight of each animal. I don't know which one is my favorite because they're all cute! The faces were made of felt and fabric paint. I glued them onto a bright felt piece circle then glued a thin magnet sheet to the back of them. A small magnet piece will go on top of the lid and these animal faces will stay right on. Each child will have a magnet to keep some where at home when all the candy has been eaten up!

We received Eli's party invitation in the mail a few days ago. Isn't it adorable? Raquel did a great job making these. I just can't get over how cute Eli is, too--just want to squeeze him up!;)

Hope this gives you an idea that you can do for any kids' party. Just change up the decorations and fill the jars with your child's favorite candy or one that fits the theme. Have fun!;)


Missy said...


My coworker had a yard sale yesterday, and the second time I was there :-) I found a shoe box with quite a few fabric paints. As I debated about whether I would use them or not, I thought, "Theo uses fabric paint in just about every craft she makes!" ;-) So, now I'm anxious to see how I'll end up using them.

Theo-Ann said...

Let me know what you end up doing!:)

Life with the Lebedas said...

I featured you on my blog!! Swing by and check it out!