Friday, April 2, 2010

The Jelly Bean Prayer

While I was taking part in the "Frugal Easter Eggstravaganza!", I came across a neat thing to do with the kids at church on Easter Sunday. I found "The Jelly Bean Prayer" and the idea to fill a bag of jelly beans at 24/7 Moms.

I changed the idea a bit and used plastic eggs to hold the jelly beans and the poem.

After filling them with the candy, poem, and green grass filler, I glued ribbon around each one of them. I placed them in a container filled with the grass filler for a nice display.

When each kid opens up their egg, they will find one jelly bean of each color. I bought a couple bags of the classic jelly bean colors--white, pink, yellow, red, green, purple, black, and orange. If you wanted to fill larger plastic eggs, you can put in more jelly beans, of course. ;)

I printed out "The Jelly Bean Prayer" on light blue paper, folded them and tucked them inside each egg. This is what the poem says:

The Jelly Bean Prayer

RED is for the blood He gave.
GREEN is for the grass He made.
YELLOW is for the sun so bright.
ORANGE is for the edge of night.
BLACK is for the sins we made.
WHITE is for the grace He gave.
PURPLE is for the hour of sorrow.
PINK is for our new tomorrow.

A handful of jelly beans,
colorful and sweet,
is a prayer, is a promise,
is a special treat.

I added this below the prayer:

Happy Easter! He is Risen!
Read II Corinthians 5:14-21 with your family today.

Hope this gives you another idea to do for Sunday. I can't wait to hand these out to the kids. They are special and full of meaning. It will draw their attention on why we celebrate Easter--it's all about Jesus Christ, our risen Lord!

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