Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday banners and other fun stuff!

Before leaving on my trip to CA, I thought it would be fun to make a birthday banner for Eli's party, but I just didn't have enough time. When I arrived, my sister asked me if I'd be willing to make one. It's funny how both of us were thinking of it! She thought of the fabrics to be used, so we went to the nearest craft store to buy most of them. The one we didn't buy was the denim ($8/yard or more--yikes!!). We used an old pair of jeans we had instead. 

This is how it turned out:

Although this could have been done with a sewing machine, I used craft glue and a bit of hot glue to get it done. The letters that spell "Eli, Eli, O" were made from green felt.(Eli's name replaces the familiar "E-I-E-I-O" in "Old MacDonald's farm") The flags were held up with twine. Oh--and don't you just love those pictures of the kids? Raquel paid just a couple dollars for each frame at Target (awesome clearance!) and took the pictures herself. She is great at decorating her home....wish she could come out here to help me out!;)

After that first banner was done, Raquel asked if I could make one for his high chair. I quickly put this one together Sunday morning before church.

My mom made these Little People farm animal wall decorations. She laminated them with contact paper before they were hung on the living room wall. They came out really cute!

Remember these party favors I was working on? I brought the basic materials with me and my sister had all the jars. My mom, Mia, and Jaden helped me with the first assembly steps. Then Raquel and I filled the jars with M&M's and tied the ribbon or twine on with the mini cowbells in front.

Raquel bought these organic yogurt rice crispy bars for the babies. She placed a sticker on each one, then tied ribbon or twine around them. So cute....

I hope these give you some ideas for the next child's birthday party that you will put together. Have fun!;)


Sheila said...

Very cute! I love themed birthday parties. I did a puppy party once - it turned out so cute! I had the girls 'be' puppies - painted their noses and made ear headbands and had bandanas for each of them. We did puppy training school and they got Scoobie treats for their accomplishments. I made cupcakes with a stencil of a paw print, and they ate from (new) dog dishes I had gotten at Dollar Tree. Their favors were 'doggie bags' - paper bags made to look like dog faces with construction paper. They were filled with puppy chow and rawhide chews (beef sticks), among other things. It was a blast! I am full of admiration of your painting skills!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks, Sheila! Your birthday ideas sound so cute as well. Thanks for stopping by...