Monday, April 12, 2010

Hugh's cowboy sign

After I made Q a sign for his church office, one of the deacons asked if I would make him one. He told me everything he wanted on it. I added a small cowboy motif on it because Hugh is a real cowboy and I knew he would like it.

After staining the wood, I looked for western fonts online and was happy to find this one. I first drew out the letters with a pencil then carefully painted the letters in with black craft paint. I painted some red and blue stars for a decorative touch.

The cowboy drawing is not original with me. I found it on the back of a Bill Rice Ranch book and thought it would be perfect for Hugh's sign. When the paint was dry, I sprayed glossy finish on it and signed my name on the back.

When I gave Hugh his sign on Sunday, he thanked me for it and said he liked it very much. He showed everyone that morning, too. He was pretty excited and I'm so glad!:)

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