Friday, April 30, 2010

Duck Walk

It was fun looking through my Family Fun Craft Book with Gabriel, Annalina and Ross. They each chose projects that suited their interests and personality. We went to the craft store to get materials that they didn't already have. When we returned, I began working on a craft project with Ross. He chose the "duck walk."

The first thing I had to do was cut out circles out of of paper plates...a small one for the head and two larger ones for the body. Out of scraps I cut out the wings and beak. Ross painted all these parts using yellow and orange poster paint.

The painting took a while to do, but he enjoyed it immensely. While he napped, the paper plates dried and I began working with Gabriel and Annalina on their projects.

Ross and I put the finishing touches on the duck after his nap. We glued on a googly eye as well as some jewels that he wanted on. I glued the parts together to create his cute duck. The feet were the trickiest part of all...a set of four feet were glued on to a yogurt lid then attached between the two "body" plates with a brad fastener. We glued a wooden dowel in between the two plates as well. Then, as Ross pushes the duck, it looks like the feet are moving. When we tried it, it was hard to get the feet to rotate, but I think the more he plays with it, the more it will loosen up and move like it is supposed to.

Ross was so excited when his duck was finished. He had a blast taking his duck for a walk.;)

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