Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Very Special Christmas Caroling

Last night, we had our annual Christmas caroling with the teens in our church.  We had a great group come along for this wonderful time.

We went to five different houses in our town--all the individuals were older people in our church, some of them widows.  At each stop, we sang several Christmas carols, including a couple of their favorites.  We also gave them a poinsettia as a special gift.

The teens did a wonderful job of singing and encouraging these people.  Hugs were given and kind words were shared.  One lady we visited said, "It's so beautiful--I think I'm going to cry."  And just a couple minutes later, tears were coming down her cheeks.  She was deeply moved.  In our eyes, it wasn't a huge thing to go around singing Christmas carols, but for these older men and women, it was such a special thing that they look forward to and remember for a long time.  It was a reminder to me that we can touch people's lives in so many ways, no matter how big or small.

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