Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paper plate ice skates

I just got back from a ladies Bible study and had to share this quick and fun idea for kids. While the ladies meet in groups, the children also have a class they can go to.  A friend from church picks me up each Wednesday and brings her two small kids to it.  The kids learn the same lesson that we do, but also get to do some hands-on things as well.

When we picked up her four-year-old daughter after the class, she held two white paper plates and said that they were ice skates.  Interesting, I thought, until she slipped them under her shoes and began to "skate" down the hallway.  Much to my surprise, a few other kids put on their "ice skates" and began skating as well.  It was too cute!  I'm sure these kids will have lots of fun doing this at home.

So, grab a couple paper plates for you and a child in your life and have fun!  When you can't go outside to do it, bring the fun inside and go ice skating!:)

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