Monday, July 6, 2009

A tool pouch for Steve

I just got it done--a tool pouch for Steve, the maintenance supervisor at our church. It didn't take too long to make. He was glad to get it into his hands. His other one was tearing apart. I used his old plastic/vinyl one as a guide to make this new one using canvas fabric.

I measured everything out on the old one, including the length, width and the size of each pocket. I drew my design on a scrap piece of paper before I went to work. This picture shows the tie that I made at the ends using the same fabric. The numbers were put on with fabric paint. 

I used single fold bias tape for the top of the entire pocket section. I did some extra stitching at the top and bottom of each line for extra reinforcement. The entire pouch measures approximately 15 inches wide and almost three feet long.

It rolls and ties up neatly to keep every tool in its place. I decided to personalize it by writing his name using the same color fabric paint.

It was fun to make something for someone who works long hours (and so much unnoticed) in our church ministry. I know that any one on staff, whether it be one of the pastors or church secretary, would love a gift of appreciation now and then.

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