Saturday, July 11, 2009

Packing 101: beginning the tedious task

This week, I began the tedious task of packing. I had to get started as we may be leaving our place in about a month. Although we don't know exactly where we're going yet, we will be visiting a church in Lafayette, CO called First Baptist Church next Sunday. Q will get to preach for both services. Please pray for us as we continue to follow the Lord's leading.

Starting the packing has done a few things for us right now. It's helped us face the reality that we're really moving on and it's helped me keep busy when Q has lots of things to do at work. Clearing out some things will hopefully help our condo to sell quickly. We're thankful that we're able to store these boxes at church so we can keep all the clutter out! And finally, packing up as many things as possible before the summer is over will help when we're down to the last few days. I don't want to be feeling like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get so much done all at once! 

Packing things right takes some thought and planning. This is what we were able to get done this week:

1. I found a notebook to write down the contents of each box. My goal with this is to be as specific as possible without making it too hard. For instance, I didn't want to write down every single book title, but instead to write down how many books, what type of books, and series of books, (like "Narnia" books).
2. I packed up ten boxes of books, games and toys. Each box is labeled with a number and short description of its contents. The more specific details can be found in my notebook.
3. Q started the process of packing up his library at work.

I'm not sure how many books Quentin packed up, but at home, I've already packed 545 books! And there's still more to go! We love books and all the learning and imagination that happens when we read them.

The plan for this coming week....pack more books, videos & dvd's, kitchen decorations and items we're not going to be using any time soon. We'll most likely have to go get more boxes at the grocery store.

Do any of you have any packing tips to share? I would love to hear your ideas.:)

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