Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A hidden treasure

I had forgotten about an old recipe tin that was given to us until I was packing for a bit yesterday. It comes from my mother-in-law's side of the family. It is such a treasure!

It is old--and I mean really old! There's rust all over it, but it is a fine addition to my collection because I love antiques!

Inside the tin I found some recipes. I don't remember ever seeing them before, and if I did, never thought much about them.

It was time to take a little packing break and look through them. Some of the cards were typed out, others were handwritten. All of the recipes were unique in their own way. It wasn't that they had strange ingredients; it was that they were dated to a certain time in our nation's history. Only one card had a name on it. It was my mother-in-law's maiden name--Greeno. I figured out that this collection must have come from her parents. These recipes and clippings dated back to the 1940's when everyone was using what they had from their "victory" gardens to supplement their meals.

This "Empty-Sugar-Bin Desserts" article was fascinating, as it focused on how to make sweet treats with little or no sugar. This one was published in 1943.

Another clipping with the date May, 1946, had another food article, plus some unique advertisements. I didn't realize that the "Kerr" canning company has been around for such a long time. Everyone was encouraged to can their food to make it through the tough war time.

This hidden treasure is a keeper. It's such a neat peek into our history, as well as my husband's family's history. I can't wait to talk to his mom more about it. They might know what the best recipe in that stash is...and then of course, I will have to make it....and then, perhaps, I'll have to share it with all of you!

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