Thursday, July 30, 2009

The wooden spool family

I saw this really neat craft idea here several months ago, and I finally made it last night.

Isn't my little family cute?

Kids and adults alike will enjoy making these little guys. I added embellishments like the buttons, silver beads and ribbon, but you can just add the fabric if you'd like. Without the embellishments, it will be safer for toddlers to play with. I'm adding this set to my basket of toys for when small guests come over. And, they would make great gifts for the young or the young at heart. Wouldn't a bride and groom look adorable in a newlywed couple's new home?

Here's what you'll need to make these wooden spool people:

wooden spools (1" and 3/4 ")
wooden beads with flat bottom (the same size as the spools)
glue (craft glue or hot glue gun)
scrap yarn and fabric
black fine tip marker
paint (for those rosy cheeks--I used pink fabric paint.)
embellishments (ribbon, lace, buttons, etc.), if desired

Glue the fabric and any embellishments to the spools. Glue the beads on top. To get the yarn hair just right, I put a dab of glue on the back center of the head, placed the end of the yarn there, then kept swirling the yarn around until it was done. After each half turn or so, I added another drop of glue. Using the black marker and paint, draw a face on each wooden bead.

I made a pouch from some scrap fabric I had. I made a casing at the top and put a piece of suede lace through it. My little family fits neatly inside.

Blue and brown hair is kind of different, but it's so fun! Wouldn't it be neat to personalize it so that each character fits the description of each member of your family? I think our nephews and nieces would get a kick out of these, especially if they saw one that looked just like them. Even smaller spools than the ones shown for the kids could be made into babies. Cute, huh?

Next on the list for these: a house of some sort. After all, they do have to eat, sleep and play! I don't think they want to be cooped up in that bag for too long. ;)


kathy55439 said...

Great idea.... I am making small sewing kits for shoe boxes for Operation Christmas child and wanted to think of something to do with all the left over spools... Now I have an idea

kathy55439 said...

What a great idea... I was looking for something to do with my spools when I was done making sewing kits of Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes....