Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Garden: mystery solved!

Q and I went out to the garden again today because we're anticipating the ripening of the tomatoes. They're still green...oh well.... We did figure something out though about one of the veggies that have been growing. Remember that round green thing that looked like a watermelon?

We believe that it is a pumpkin. It just happens to be in a different location than the rest, but it sure looks like the other ones. We'll have to continue to watch it to see if this is the right verdict to this mystery!

The beets are nice and ripe. They're not my favorite, but we picked this one because Q wanted to try it.

The cucumbers are growing as well. We will be picking these soon. We really enjoy eating cucumbers in our salads.

The squash has been getting bigger, too. We picked one, along with more zucchini and carrots to give to friends tonight.

I can't believe that in less than a month's time, these carrots have grown immensely. We don't want to pick too many just yet. We want them bigger, of course. I'm anticipating the day that I'll make my mom's famous carrot cake with these.

I hope the next time I give an update that I'll be able to show you some ripe tomatoes. I've got some great plans for those guys--can't wait! How's your garden growing?


The Watts Family said...

Wow the veggies look great! Enjoy ~Blessings Heather

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks...they just keep on growing!:)