Monday, August 24, 2009

The funny things kids say

It's "back to school" week here in town, so I wanted to dedicate these next few posts to anything and everything that has to do with school. I'll share some memories of my teaching, along with some fun activities, new and old that will be helpful. If you're a teacher or home schooling parent, I hope I can be a help to you this week!

I wanted to start off by sharing with you something that I began doing when I first started teaching. This journal you see was a gift to me and in it, I recorded funny memories that I had with my students. I still laugh when I read them now.

So here you go...a few of the funny things kids say:

During one of my third grade teaching years, I was teaching the class the four kinds of sentences. I was demonstrating an imperative sentence by singing, "Smile, you're on candid camera!" Time passed, and I decided to say, "Smile..." and the class concluded, "you're on candid camera!" It was very hard to stop laughing!

One of my students said, "In kindergarten, I never wanted to take a nap. Now in third grade, I can't wait to."

When talking about oysters in Science class, I asked the students to share an example of an irritation they encounter now, which turns out for the better in the end. I called on Danny and he said, "GIRLS!"

And now, some from those cute kindergarteners I had!

One of the boys was behind the bench at the playground. I asked him what he was doing. It looked like he was "stretching out." He said he was pumping up his legs to run faster!

At the beginning of the year, I kept emphasizing the importance of "ladies first." So at the playground, I'd remind the boys of that and they would always let the girls pass the gat first. Then, one day, the boys let the girls in, then they went in except for one boy. I said, "Derrick, don't you want to go in and play?" He said, "You said to let the ladies in first, so go on in." My heart just melted.

One day during Bible class, we were talking about all the animals God led into the ark. I asked the class if they thought fish were put in the ark. Most of them said "no," but then one of the boys had an interesting comment. He said, "Noah could have had a fish tank inside the ark!"

One day Phillip said, "Miss Padilla, I ordered a peroni pizza for lunch. I love peroni pizza!" 

One of the boys said, "Miss Padilla, don't we get a surprise for cleaning up the toys fast?" I said, "I don't always give treats for that, but if you know Jesus, then one day when you're in Heaven, He'll give you a reward." Then his face lit up and said, "YEAH! I'm getting candy when I get to Heaven!"

Derrick said to me, "You're awesome!" "I am?" "Yes you are," he said. "You have the same kind of glue stick as me!"

Stick around this week, and I'll share some more cute and funny sayings that my students said later! Hope your kids and grandkids are enjoying going back to school.:)


christina and buddy powers said...

Hi Theo,
I really enjoyed this post today:)
You know in a past post you mentioned that Q lived in FL for awhile, that is cool!
Have a awesome evening together,
praying for you on your new adventure together at your new church.
Lots of love,

Tania said...

These were super cute! That is a great idea to put them all in one book. I need to do that with the boys. I can imagine someday they would love reading through it.

Ben's school books just arrived today! I am so excited. He will be in 1st grade. Looking forward to any suggestions or ideas you have. I tend to be a little on the boring side. (-:

Theo-Ann said...

Glad you liked this post, ladies. Tania--I hope my ideas are a help to you. I can e-mail you with more when I think of them.

Theo-Ann said...

Glad you liked this post, ladies. Tania--I hope my ideas are a help to you. I can e-mail you with more when I think of them.