Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding scrapbook

A couple years ago, I decided to make a wedding scrapbook for my parents. I bought a white 8x8 album to use. I ordered 20 pictures and bought a scrapbook paper set so that I'd have the same color scheme throughout. They absolutely loved it! I'd like to share with you my five favorite pages from this book:

After the title page, the first page was this one, dedicated to the special time my mom and I had as we got ready for the wedding. This is right after I had my make up done and before I put on my dress.

This picture taken before the wedding shows the cuteness in my nephew and nieces. Mia, Bailey and Isaiah were so small and adorable as they took part as jr. bridesmaids and ringbearer.

I love this picture of me and my two younger sisters, Raquel and Sonia.

The rose petals on this page are the same ones that flower girl, Savannah used as she walked down the aisle. Quentin gave me several roses during our dating days, so I dried them and saved the petals for our wedding.

At the reception, Q and I and our parents stood behind the cake table and were told to kiss at the same time for this memorable photo. I love it!

I'm so glad my parents love this album. I've got pictures and materials to make one for us, and I should get on that soon. 

So many little time (or so it seems!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work and very creative! I didn't know that you had 2 younger sisters, you are so blessed Theo!
Thanks for sharing photos of your special day as Quentin's bride!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks, Christina.