Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday treats

Birthdays have always been fun for me--especially when I was younger. But these last few years, I've dreaded getting older. It all happened when I turned 30 a few years ago. All the older people in my church still think I'm in my twenties (yeah) and younger than my husband. (He's actually three years younger!). I guess it's all in the mind, right? Well, I had a great birthday today. I received telephone calls and cards from family, well-wishers at work today, and my husband surprised me with some special things.

Q bought me this Emile Henry brand loaf pan from Williams-Sonoma. I love stoneware. It cooks so evenly. I can't wait to bake bread in it soon. He was so eager for me to open up his gift that I actually gave in two days ago! I posed this really "perky" smile for him as he took this photo of me holding it. 

We knew that today was going to be really busy for me, so we planned to have a special lunch. I had Bible study this morning, dress rehearsal for my concert this afternoon, and youth group tonight. We had about an hour in-between all of that for lunch. I didn't know where we were going until we pulled up to The Egg and I. It is one of my favorite eating places in town.

I had to go with my favorite dish--stuffed french toast with ranch potatoes. Yum! Inside the two slices of bread are eggs, cheese and sausage.

On our way to school, Q bought me a green tea frappuccino--my absolute favorite drink ever! It is such a treat, since we don't go to Starbuck's that often. I wish there was a way for me to make this at home. Do any of you have a recipe for this?

The dress rehearsal went well today. My choirs are singing tomorrow night for the spring concert. Afterwards, we're having some friends over for a fun birthday celebration. It will be lots of fun!

Thank you, Lord, for another year of life! 


The Watts Family said...

Happy Birthday !! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, your blog is great ...text and images, very good! I liked the income from lasagne ... hugs and good week.


Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday, Theo! I'm so glad that Q gave you such a special day. The food looks yummy & I'll bet that loaf pan makes beautiful bread!

Golie said...

Happy Birthday Theo:
May this year be one filled with the Lord's blessings for you and your young family. Praying for God's favor for you guys!

Tania said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a fun and special day. I'll have to try that green tea frappuccino from Starbucks. I have never heard of that. (-: Love the red stoneware.

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a great day.:) Oh and Tania--once you try the frappuccino, you'll get hooked!:) It's about the only thing I order when we go to Starbuck's.

Randy said...

Happy Birthday Theo!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks, Randy. I saw on your blog that Judy's birthday is coming up. I'm sure you're working on some surprises for her, eh? Husbands are good at things like that! Q never ceases to amaze me with the gifts he comes up with; I never guess right! Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Theo!! I thank God that Q is in your life, what a gift and blessing he is to you!!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks, Christina. Have a great night!