Friday, February 20, 2009

Embroidery-stitched bookmark

A little while ago, I finished this bookmark for my sister-in-law, who's having a birthday in just a few days.  I included it with her birthday card and mailed it her way.

I layered two different fabrics on top of one another, back and forth until the paper bookmark was covered. Then I stitched an embroidery design or a basic stitch on each strip of fabric.  When that was completed, I glued another piece of fabric to the back side of the bookmark.  I then braided red embroidery floss and knotted the ends.  I cut a slit on the top of the book mark to put the floss through, then finished by knotting it on top.

And, there you have it--a simple and fun cloth bookmark! This didn't take too long to make either.  I'd love to try different stitches on my machine as well as different fabrics in the future. These make great little gifts for any book lover of any age.

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