Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An awesome thrift store find!

I will describe each page of the book so that you can get a glimpse of this treasure I now have in my hands.  I was unable to download all the pictures, but hope that these few will give you an idea on this great hand-made book.

Cover:  My Quiet Book (with appliqued duck on front)

Inside cover:  "We will have so much fun together my quiet book and I, I will look at it and not disturb the folks who are close by.  Property of--"

Page 1:  Pet me, I'm soft  (little furry bear to touch)

Page 2:  Stop! Wait! Go! (red, yellow and green street lights that come on and off with velcro)

Page 3:  Button my shirt !  (picture shown above)

Page 4:  Try me on!  (mitten)

Page 5:  Tie my shoe (with real laces)

Page 7:  Bow Wow!  Come play with me.  (little dog is attached to a leash and come out of its dog house to play.)

Pages 8 and 9:  Count the wheels on the train.

Page 10:  What time is it?  (The hands really move!)

Page 11:  Put the apples in the basket.  (The apples are attached to the tree with snaps.)

Page 12:  Peek inside!  (It's a teepee and you can open the flaps to see an Indian boy.)

Page 13:  Put me in my cage.  (Place the furry rabbit in a cage pocket.  He's attached with a snap.)

Page 14:  Braid my hair (little girl with yarn hair that can be braided)

Page 15:  Zip the bag!  (sleeping bag with zipper)

Page 16:  Surprise!  There was nothing inside his mouth, so I thought I could make a banana or cookie out of felt.

Isn't this great?  I can't wait to make my own "quiet book."  It's so much fun!

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Leah said...

Hmm, it's hard to tell if that'd work or not at this point. :-/ The last couple weeks I've been working at the discount grocery store that day..! It's hard to tell if I'll be working this week or not -- sometimes they dont notify me till last minute.