Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dinner for Eight

Tonight, we joined a few others from our church for a Dinner for 8. Quentin and I have been to a few of these and have enjoyed them all. Our meal was hosted by three widows (all pictured on the left), which gave us nine people, instead of the usual eight.

Each person/couple is to bring a part of the meal--appetizer, salad, bread, main course, or dessert.  We always have a great selection and go home full to the max!  Our meal tonight consisted of deviled eggs, scalloped potatoes with ham, a broccoli-stuffing bake, veggies in cheese sauce, biscuits, salad and a frozen strawberry dessert.

What we all enjoy best about this activity is the time that we get know one another better. With a growing church, we sometimes miss the new folks that have been visiting the church for a while.  Dinner for 8 is something we do every few months and it's never the same, as there's always a new location and a new group of people to have fun with. After our meal, we played a few rounds of dominoes...lots of laughs with our new and old friends alike.

Perhaps this is the something your church has been wanting to do, or maybe you've not heard of this before.  In either case, consider having Dinner for 8 as part of your church ministry.  It promotes unity and encourages everyone involved.  

And, one more thing---you'll get to enjoy great food (and maybe try something new)!

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Erin said...

Our church does Circle Fellowship. Several families sign up to host and then those that sign up to go are assigned to those families. We then have a fellowship at their home after church on a Sunday night. They try to mix up the age groups. It's a lot of fun and we usually do it once a month when we don't have other fellowships that month.