Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation Bible School: Day 3

We're having loads of fun at VBS! We have lots of girls attending while the same three boys keep coming day after day. After the welcome time, Miss Bessie taught the kids another verse. It was John 14:15 which says, "If ye love me, keep my commandments."

She played a game with them called, "Pick a friend." One child was chosen to say the verse. Then, they got to choose a friend to say it with them. It kept going like that, until all of the kids were up there. When the line started getting long, they held hands and said the verse while walking as a BIG circle.

Mrs. Richardson talked about Paul, the missionary, who told many people about Jesus.
Miss Fender's missionary story was about George Mueller who helped orphans in England. She made the story interactive when she shared about the time when all the children sat at the table with nothing to eat. As they prayed, someone knocked on the door saying that their milk truck broke down and decided to share the milk. Another person knocked on the door and had bread to share. A couple of the leaders knocked on the door and reenacted this story for the kids. I think they really understood it. At the end of the story, they enjoyed some crackers with a bit of milk.

For game time, Miss Katie showed them how to play, "Drop the Baton." It's very similar to "duck, duck, goose." The child with the baton walks around the circle. When they choose someone to run after them, they place the baton behind that person. Everyone has to be watching! 

Here's the baton I made for the game. It's made out of a cardboard tube. It's a very thin one that came from my aluminum foil that I just ran out of. Then, I taped red cellophane around it. I tied the ends with curling ribbon. 

For craft time, the kids colored a picture of Big Ben, the tall clock tower in England. I made clock hands and bought brad fasteners so that the hands could actually move! Go here if you're interested in seeing the free coloring sheet we used for this project.

Meet "Sir Teddy" the bear who tried to eat chopsticks the night before! The kids were to bring a tea bag to see what Sir Teddy would do with it. He decided to have a giant tea party--with a giant teacup that is! I made a handle out of cardboard, painted it, then taped it to this mixing bowl. His straw is made out of paper. The kids got a kick out of watching Sir Teddy slurp up the tea! I passed out homemade shortbread cookies to them so that they could be a part of this special tea party.

Next...Sir Teddy's shortbread cookies! (They are fantastic so I'll have to share them with you!)

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