Monday, June 1, 2009

My Garden: transplanting the tomatoes

It was finally time to do something about our thriving tomato plants. Quentin has been working at a friend's garden to learn about it and to gain vegetables for ourselves by the end of the summer. I think this is a neat concept and one that I'm sure many are doing today. Growing a garden with some neighbors is a good way to lighten the load and eat healthy and economically. So, about those tomato plants... Well, he took them over today so that they would grow better in the ground.

I had three pots that looked like this. There were about 10-12 plants in each one. I had a couple other pots that only had a few plants in them, but they did not look that healthy. The best ones were about 6-8 inches long with lots of leaves on them.

About 35-40 of our plants were placed in this garden. A couple weeks ago, Quentin helped our friend, Sam, plant some seeds. There are already some things growing! They planted cucumber, zucchini, carrots, beets, and lettuce.

Here are one of our plants. It looks so small in the garden, but it will continue to grow and produce some awesome roma tomatoes.

Do you know what this is? It's already been growing for a while, and no, it's not a super gigantic tomato plant! It's rhubarb! Quentin told me that we can get some any time now before it goes bad. He has said for the longest time how he does not like rhubarb. But now he has changed his mind. Our pastor came over one night recently with a slice of his famous rhubarb custard pie. It was delicious and Q is now in admiration of this unique plant. He says I should start looking for recipes.:)

How's your garden growing? We'll keep you posted on how our tomatoes and other plants do in the larger garden.


Tania said...

My first successful recipe with rhubarb was a strawberry rhubarb pie. I found the recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. It takes lots of sugar, but it is so good and always gets lots of compliments. (-:
I have never heard of rhubard custard pie, sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Sharing plants and working a garden together with a friend is awesome! The only thing I grew to eat this year was green onions:)

Theo-Ann said...

Hey, Tania! I have that Betty Crocker cookbook, so I'll have to look that one up. Sounds awesome!:)