Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation Bible School: Day 2

The kids were excited as they came back for day 2 of VBS. I gave the welcome to the kids, then Miss Bessie taught them the new Bible verse. It was II Corinthians 5:17a which says, "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature."

After reviewing the verse a few times and explaining what it means, she played a game with them using the memory verse cube. She called kids up one at a time to roll the cube. Whatever directions it landed on, that's how they were to say the verse. They had lots of fun with this activity.

I got this idea from Child Evangelism Fellowship. For years, I subscribed to their magazine called, Evangelizing Today's Child (It's now called, Teach Kids!). Each magazine includes a visualized story and resource cards for memory verse reviews, crafts, and lots of other children's ministry ideas. I made this cube using an empty tissue box. Then, I wrapped it with brown kraft paper. I glued on colored squares then wrote these things on them:

1. March in place while saying the verse.
2. Stand in the middle of the room and say the verse.
3. Raise your arms above your head and say the verse.
4. Sing the verse to a tune.
5. Close your eyes and say the verse.
6. Chose a friend and say the verse together.

To play: Throw the box in the air. When it lands, the side on top will point to a person who must follow the directions. That child then throws the box in the air. Whoever the arrow points to must perform the activity. Continue reviewing the verse until every side of box has been revealed. (Jose' Abraham, CEF, Jan/Feb., 1995)

Bessie didn't use the arrows in the game, but I think it would add some variety to the game, especially with older boys and girls.

After this game, Mrs. Richardson continued her story on the life of Paul. She shared with them the part about how his name used to be "Saul" then was blinded by the light. God changed his life and he became a follower of Jesus. Then, his name was changed to Paul.

The mini racers are making their way up the track! The kids are getting really excited about this.

Snack time is always fun! They get a pack of two cookies and a drink. The game for the night was called, "Wild Animal Hunt." Bean bag animals were hidden all over the gym and the kids had to go find them. They were divided into teams, so the team who collected the most animals won!

The missionary story was on the life of Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma. So, we made these lanterns to go along with that theme. Miss Rachel and I cut the slits on the paper before craft time. We had the kids place shiny star stickers on it, before the leaders help tape it all together. After this, we had our closing assembly. We sang songs, passed out prizes and saw Sir Teddy (the puppet) try to eat chopsticks. He was confused on to how to use them, so he thought he would try eating them!

Next 3!

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