Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Garden: Look at what's been blooming!

With a lot of rain and sunshine, we've been seeing some things blooming in our small garden. I love how God has given us so many beautiful things in nature for us to enjoy.

Three yellow roses have blossomed. I cut them off yesterday and placed them in a vase that sits in our dining room. Their scent is light and wonderful to smell.

We were not sure at first what was going to become of some really tall stems that had a fuzzy green ball on top. One by one these red and bright pink flowers started appearing. I love these sweet dianthus (sweet williams). I remembered that we planted seeds last year and now we get to enjoy these gorgeous flowers.

These pink dianthus are my favorites right now. If you look real close you'll see speckled dots in the center. Q said we'll have to remember to plant more of these after we move into our new home. I think he likes them as much as I do.

For our parent appreciation banquet this year, we gave out some plants, some of them being strawberry plants. There was one left over so Q let me take it home to see what would happen. It's growing a lot and turning more green all the time. I think I'm going to be placing it in a bigger pot to help it grow better. I hope we can see some sweet berries in the near future.

As you may remember, we scattered some wild flower seeds in areas that had no plants. We are beginning to see things popping out like this in several spots. It will be fun to see how these turn out.

How's your garden coming along? Isn't it a wonderful thing to enjoy God's creation right in your own back yard?

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Cheri said...

Beautiful flowers!