Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick and easy snowflake coasters

I had fun this weekend doing a quick sewing project--these snowflake coasters. I made them for a friend and she loved them.  Over the holidays, I bought a copy of sew simple magazine and this project was featured in the volume 11 issue.  The coasters are made out of felt and stitched with a sewing machine.  With the project instructions, it's also suggested that you can make other coasters based upon the seasons: flowers for spring, a tropical fish for summer, pumpkins for fall, or pine trees for winter.  I can't wait to try out some different ones for a quick gift for friends and family.

I'm thinking about buying more of the sew simple magazines in the future.  It is filled with so many projects for anyone who is a beginner sewer or that just wants to do a quick and fun project.  You can go here to check out their website.  They offer lots of tips and free sewing projects.  Have fun crafting and sewing!:)

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