Saturday, January 31, 2009

Men's wild game dinner

Last night, my husband attended a special event that our church holds each January--the men's wild game dinner.  It is promoted several weeks in advance to the men in our church so that they can begin inviting other men to attend. Since it's focus is on sharing the Gospel, they are encouraged to pray and seek out those who do not know the Lord.  Q said that over 100 men were in attendance, many of whom were visitors.

The men enjoyed a good time of feasting on lots of wild game--elk, deer, buffalo, geese, fish, boar...all cooked in different ways. Some choose to prepare their game in a stew or casserole--including lasagna!  After the meal, games are played.  One of the games they played this time was one where contestants had to cast a fishing line into a hula-hoop.  They also have everyone fill out an information card that is then put in for a drawing.  The grand prize is usually a shotgun.

At the end of the time together, men got to hear the Gospel, presented by a guest preacher. Q wasn't sure how many were saved, but he said that several raised their hands indicating that they had received Christ as Savior during the closing prayer.  Praise the Lord--this is what this event is all about!  

The above picture of Q was taken almost a year ago after his pheasant hunt with some men from church.  I thought it was appropriate to show this along with this post.  He looks so proud of his bird, doesn't he?  After taking the picture, he cleaned up the bird then cooked it for dinner.  He's quite the outdoorsmen--so opposite of me, but I love that about him.:)


Erin said...

Our Iowa fellowship has a neat even called the Sportsman Adventure. It is a huge event that attracts hundreds. Prizes are given, professional sportsmen give seminars/testimonies, etc. It's been a neat outreach.

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

Awesome photo of Quentin and the bird!!
I am not big on hunting but I will say if ever I was to live in the woods, which I hope is no time soon, I would want to be with a person who can hunt, finding food to eat!!!