Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's time to get organized!

With the start of the new year, it causes me to think about things to clean, declutter--and well, just plain get organized!  Last year, I began putting together these binders together to help me be organized with articles that I had been collecting on different topics.  I'll be working on getting these in tip-top shape, as I need to establish some categories for two of my binders. I have collected recipes and craft projects for years, and I needed a way to access them. I don't currently have them divided, but I'll divide the recipe binder like my other cookbooks: appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes, drinks, desserts, etc.  I love doing so many different crafts, but need to also separate them with dividers.  My ideas are the following:  painting, needlework, cards, scrap booking, crafts for kids, sewing, etc. 

For my other two binders, ministry and home, I've already established dividers.  I hope they are a great idea for you to organize your resources so that you've got them ready at your fingertips.

In my ministry binder, my topics include:

Women (includes Sunday School lessons/ideas)
Teens (includes lessons I've taught to my Sunday School girls)
General (poetry, missions, other Christian articles)

In my home binder, my topics include:  

Health and Safety

These are great resources for me as I continue learning how to be a better homemaker.  My husband, others, and future children, will benefit as I learn how to serve them better.  I believe God is honored when we take the time to learn how to be the woman He has designed us to be. That's why I love these binders;  they cause me to learn and enjoy being a better helpmeet, teacher, neighbor and friend.

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lizzykristine @ Uplifted Eyes said...

I always get the organizing urge in January, too. :) I've taken over a drawer in the filing cabinet with lots of folders for topical studies, decorating ideas, article clippings, and so on. My drawer is getting full! So I also have some 3-ring binders on topics like gardening and home buying.... :)