Monday, January 5, 2009

Hide and Seek Pillows

This is me and Jaden playing with his pillow.  He's almost three years old and he loved it.  He sat down with me for a long time looking for all the objects.  This activity is perfect for quiet times at home or for a long car ride. My sister had the idea to take off the tag so that she could say each thing out loud in the car as her kids searched for each item.  I took one to church one day when I had to be in the toddler nursery.  These kids loved it as well--lots of fun, and educational, too!


Rachel said...

Hey there....I feel really, really weird typing this out, but I feel like I know you!!!

I'm guessing you have a sister named Sonia, right? I was reading on "Uplifted Eyes" blog, and noticed your comment. The name Theo-Ann intrigued me, because Sonia goes to my church and had requested prayer for her sister, named Theo-Ann, a few months ago. So I clicked over to your blog, saw how you look so much like her, and then saw your gifts for Isaiah and Bailey down a few posts.

So, anyway....that is just really weird, but really cool all at the same time!

Just thought I would stop by and say hi...hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Theo on these hide and seek pillows!