Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mom's playroom curtains

During our holiday vacation we stayed with my parents.  They had us stay in the guest room/playroom.  The first thing I noticed was this set of curtains that my mom made. They are so cute! She cut rectangles from scrap fabric and sewed them together using a zig-zag stitch. It doesn't show in this picture, but she made two panels like this. On the sides of it were two panels made from a fun kid print.  It's just perfect for the playroom. Mia and Jaden enjoy playing in this room when they visit. Mom did a great job and I wanted to show case one of her works of art. She has always been so crafty and I love how she passed on that trait to me and my sisters.

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Anonymous said...

These curtains are so cute! Awesome! Please tell your Mom that I love them! Perhaps she has more pattern combintaions up her sleeve to share with the world! Love it!