Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Garland

This super-cute Easter egg garland has been all over the web lately, and I had to show it to you just in case you haven't seen it yet. It took us a while to get it done because we were busy with other things, but we are glad to say that the garland went up a couple of days ago and we can enjoy it for Easter and for the rest of spring. I love the look of it in my kitchen as it brightens up my day....

If you'd like to put together your own paint chip garland, go here for the detailed instructions. She is one creative gal, so I know you'll enjoy browsing through the rest of her blog as well.

As for other Easter preparations....A and I just finished putting together something for the kids at church and for our neighbors.

Can you guess what it is? It is something I did last year and wrote about. If you can't figure it out, go here to read all about it. It is a simple and meaningful Easter gift.

Hope you've all had an enjoyable week getting ready for the wonderful celebration tomorrow. Have a wonderful Easter. Christ is risen! :)

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Abigail said...

I like that Easter egg idea!