Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The chicks meet the outside world...

Our four chicks have been enjoying time outside since last week. Q takes them out on warm days to get used to being out in the garden. They're learning how to dig for food. Once in a while, they find a bug and eat him up!

They seem to be loving it and it is so good for them. They're getting bigger every day, too. Their baby "fluff" is being replaced by adult feathers.

Dorothy (the black chick show here) sometimes finds a way to get out of this small coop that Q put together. She doesn't go very far and eventually runs back inside. The four have become a family and they stick together out there.

Look how big the turken is here! As we have not really settled on a name for her, we've been calling her Turkey Lurky and it seems to fit.

Q will continue taking the chicks out for a few hours during the day time, but at night, they're back inside. He's ordered a real chicken coop that should be here soon. Dorothy, Tinkerbell, Mary Poppins and Turkey Lurky will have fun in there, for sure.;)

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