Monday, April 11, 2011

Chore pockets

After brainstorming with Q about a chore chart for A, we came up with an easy way for her to remember what to do each day. I decorated large envelopes with photo corners and labeled them as follows: morning chores, evening chores and done. I stuck them onto the wall using sticky-tack. These chore pockets are fun and easy to put together for the young children in your home.

I took pictures of the things she has to do in the morning and at night. Then, I glued them onto scrap booking paper and wrote the description on the back side (just in case we have a sitter and they need to know what each picture means). I then laminated each picture with clear Contact paper.
The morning chore pictures remind A to....

...get up and use the bathroom, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush her hair, brush her teeth and make her bed.

The evening chore pictures remind her to...

...wipe the table and sweep the floor after dinner, clean up her toys/craft projects, put on her pajamas, brush her teeth, and read books, sing and pray with us before lights out.:)

She is doing a great job so far with this new system. Right now we have a couple of incentives for her if she does her chores happily and right away. I have put up an index card next to the pockets that says if she does her chores for seven days, she can have a pair of sunglasses. It's the thing she's been wanting for a while, so we think this is a good way she can earn them. She also loves to vaccuum, even though it is not on her regular chore list. Q told her that she can earn fifty cents each time she vaccuums the back part of our house, up to twice a week (which is three rooms and a short hallway).

We want A to learn how to work hard and obey because God wants us to; it is an important principle to learn. So, we may not always give her a physical reward of some kind, and that's okay. We give her tons of praise in the process and she loves to please with the jobs she's given.

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