Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We just voted for life....

Did you vote today? If you haven't, there's still a little time left depending on where you live in the country. I believe every citizen eligible to vote should do so. I feel strongly that if you are a Christian, you should take a stand on certain issues to help our nation turn back to the Lord.

Q and I voted "yes" on Amendment 62--the personhood amendment. Two years ago, it got on the ballot, but did not pass. For months now, we have been praying for today to make a difference for the lives of the unborn. We want it to pass. Abortion is not the solution to unwanted pregnancies. It is not right for a woman to choose death, but rather to give life to her child. This amendment can save lots of lives if the Lord wills. We pray that it does.

Can you imagine the impact this can make in the families of our nation? Lots of lives will be saved physically, but perhaps many would be saved spiritually, too.

Will you pray that this amendment, along with some other big ones in our nation will pass today?

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