Saturday, September 25, 2010

For the Sunday School girls

Something fun and exciting arrived at our Sunday School girls' homes this week:

This "for girls only" invitation tells the young ladies about the Sunday afternoon party we will be having next week. To make the invitations, I glued this festive scrap booking paper onto the front of each card. I used round letter stickers and buttons to add the final touch. Each card had different letter stickers and button placement.

In my rubber stamp box, I found a clear stamp set that I forgot I had. I stamped this sentiment onto the back of each card next to the hand written invitation:

I can't wait to have the girls over in a week! I am in the midst of planning a special lunch (with dessert, of course!), craft and game. It will be lots of fun and I'll make sure to tell you all about it next week! :)

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