Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boulder Ridge Bible club

This past Tuesday afternoon, Q and I began holding our Bible clubs at the Boulder Ridge community (a trailer park). The week before, we canvassed the area, inviting kids to come join us. Many of our contacts were from our VBS we held there a couple months ago.

When we arrived, a few kids were hanging around and we recognized them. We told them what we were doing, so all four of them joined me as I went around inviting kids. They took the map with the circled homes and the flyers and helped me talk to the kids and their parents. They got me really excited as we walked along.

When it was about time to start, Q had returned from making some rounds, too, but the kids who helped me disappeared! Well, we had three kids show up and we praise the Lord for that. I just hope all of those other kids come back and stay next week.

We began by playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Then, we went into the outdoor pavillion and sang songs, taught them a Bible verse and some Bible truths and shared a Bible story. We were also watching for someone to win the "quiet seat" prize. At the end, I pulled out the treasure chest and let the young lady there pick something out.

We are thankful that we had a great first club! We hope and pray we can impact many lives for Christ, including the parents of these children. We are so excited for what the Lord has planned for us through this ministry.

Next up...details about the treasure chest. Come back and find out what we put in it and where to get these items. Stay tuned...


Heather said...

Wow you guys are awesome..I love the opportunities you always see around you!! Praying your labor will be fruitful....and that you will indeed leave an eternal impression of Christ with all the children that you and your husband meet. ~Blessings Heather

Abigail said...

Yah, you are up and running with that! We'll be praying for your ministry to those children.

Erin said...

That's fantastic! Hopefully it will continue to grow.