Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our New Home: floors and more...

It's been two weeks since we've begun renovating the parsonage. So much has been done in the last week and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

Since we've decided to keep the hardwood floors in the living and dining areas, Q buffed them to get them ready for staining. It's going to look real nice when it's all done.

The dark burgundy walls in the living and dining areas has transformed into something much lighter and inviting. The color is called "Coffee House."

This is the master bedroom, painted in the light blue color called, "Sicilian Sky." We painted the other bedroom in the same color and hope to have a different decorating theme for each room. On one side of the room is some wood paneling. We're leaving it alone for now, but Q thought it would be neat to white wash it some time in the future. Pastor Kemper worked on making new wooden frames for things around the house. You can see him here making one for the air conditioner.

I'm loving my new kitchen cupboards painted in white. This picture was taken before the handles were put back on. The walls were painted a very light tan called, "Western Adobe."

This is the laundry room which was painted the same as the kitchen. The eyesore on the bottom left (the washer/dryer hook-ups) will be taken care of and the vinyl flooring is going to be replaced.

This week, we've had a plumber working on both bathrooms, the laundry room and the kitchen. Some nice yellow paint has begun in the bathrooms, too. Small cleaning jobs are getting done as well. We are continually thankful for all who have come out to help us each day.

Next time...the bathroom remodeling, carpeting and more!

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