Monday, September 28, 2009

Our New Home: finishing up the remodeling

Last week was spent hurrying about to get the house ready for our Saturday moving day. Among a few little things, here are the big things that were accomplished...

The painting in both bathrooms was completed. This is bathroom 2 looking really nice with that beautiful yellow paint. There are a few small things left to be done in this room, so in the meantime, we're using the smaller bathroom.

New bathroom tile was put in above the tub in bathroom 2.

The laundry room now has new tile. I'm really liking this look. :)

Uh-oh....didn't I say that I would never show my toes again around here? Well, it's what's underneath it that I wanted to show you. The carpet man came and put in this plush and very soft carpet. I like the color and how it matches every room.

Next...the fine details that we love!

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