Monday, May 4, 2009

Heritage Fair

Q and I had a wonderful time at the Heritage Fair with our friends, Jonathan and Ruth. They have four young girls: Abigail (6), Hannah (5), Deborah (2) and Mary (1). They have been to this fair before and liked it a lot. So, they invited us to tag along this year. It was held in Fort Lupton, CO and is hosted by the Historical Society. I'll briefly share some of the activities we enjoyed, but if you want to know more about it, go here.

We thought it was neat when these young soldiers started marching around a field, carrying guns and flags. A couple of them even played a battle song with penny whistles.

There were many interactive things you could do at this fair. Here Q is grinding corn the old-fashioned way. It makes me think about how challenging it must have been to do everything from scratch. Other areas included the following: how to tan a hide, how to make lace, how to fence, and how to make your own set of silverware. There were even Indian dancers and colonial girls that made the event much more realistic.

The three older girls, Abigail, Hannah, and Deborah loved going inside this tepee. I couldn't believe how well this picture came out--all of them smiling and looking so pretty! I love them all, but Deborah and I seem to have a unique bond. She's my little buddy.

Here the girls are learning how to weave a basket. Hannah got to try it out herself, too. I was able to try writing using a quill dipped in ink. After I wrote my name, the gentleman asked me if I had done any calligraphy before. I said, "yes--I addressed all my wedding invitations (about 150 of them!) with calligraphy." It was lots of work, but I'm glad I did it. 

I hope we get to go to something like this again in the future. It is a fun way to learn about our nation's history. It also is inspiring to think about ways that we can create things from scratch. It's still possible to do many things with our hands these days. It is rewarding and beneficial to those around us. Kinda makes me think of the Proverbs 31 woman--"she worketh willingly with her hands...."


Cheri said...

Several friends of ours are apart of the Living History Day. =) Thanks for sharing pictures!

Theo-Ann said...

You're most welcome. It was a really neat event to go to, that I hope we get to do again in the future.:)

Leah said...

I know alot of the people that "do" it! :-)