Friday, May 29, 2009

Grad Getaway

Earlier this week, we had a youth activity called, "grad getaway." Each year, my husband invites all the high school graduates for a cookout at a park up in the mountains. Seven graduates were invited, but only three were able to attend.

We were so glad that Stephen, Katelyn, and Nicole were able to come up with us. Steve and Katelyn were two of my third graders a long time ago. In fact, you can probably spot them in the picture I posted with the graduation coke glasses. It's amazing how kids grow up while we teachers just start looking really old.

While the teens played soccer, Q got the food ready. Our meal for the night was all finger foods. We had tamales, corn on the cob, quesadillas, barbeque ribs and cookies. I wish I would have taken a picture of the ribs. They looked and tasted so good!

Because of our small attendance of graduating seniors, my husband called up several people from church to see if they would join us. The only ones available to go were these sweet widows who we love dearly. Jo and Maisey were a great help to us and they were just awesome with the teens. The interaction between them and the younger "seniors" was great.
Right after our meal, Quentin spent a few minutes giving them a challenge from God's Word. He encouraged them to do right as they went out into the real world. A tradition that we do on this activity is to have all the teens and Pastor J climb onto this big rock. It's a little tricky getting on there since it's right on the water, but they managed to get on just fine. 

It was fun being together and celebrating their success. But more importantly, I hope and pray that they were challenged to live God's Word in the path He has for them.


Anonymous said...

Where in the mountains were you at?
Very beautiful!
The food looks to good to eat:)

Theo-Ann said...

We were at Visteen Smith Mountain Park. It's always so gorgeous up there.