Friday, June 10, 2011

A's Fairy Birthday Party: her outfit for the day

For A's party, I wanted her to be comfortably dressed, but also wanted her to fit the theme of the party. I remembered that I had an old Tinkerbell t-shirt of mine that I no longer wore and thought it would be neat for her to wear it.

Using the steps for an empire-waist tee from the book, Tease: inspired t-shirt transformations by superstars of art, craft and design by Sarah Socket, I came up with this for her:

All I did was trim the sleeves and used the fabric strips to tie a knot on each side (the strips were put through two slits a couple inches apart near her shoulder). I also trimmed the bottom and used the scrap to go through slits all around the main body of the shirt. Then, the ends were tied in the back. I found a pair of green shorts on sale at Kohl's and she was good to go.

She looked so cute as a little Tinkerbell. She really loved what I created for her, too. It was fun for me to see her enjoy this creation to wear on her special day. :)

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