Thursday, June 9, 2011

A's Fairy Birthday Party: the fairy headbands

A week before A's party, I googled "fairy birthday party ideas" and several sites popped on my screen. I clicked on one and it had a neat idea of making fairy headbands using just a few materials (I don't know the website, but I'll explain how we made them).

I knew A would enjoy helping me put these together for her and her friends to wear at the party. All you need is pipe cleaners, artificial flowers, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

We twisted two pipe cleaners together to form a ring. Then, I used the hot glue gun to adhere the flowers all around the pipe cleaners. A enjoyed choosing all of the flowers from my stash and using her scissors to cut them down to size. Then, she chose the colorful ribbons and I cut them all in different lengths ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches. I tied seven or eight of them at one end of the headband to complete the project.

When the girls arrived, it was A's job to give them one. Then, I sprinkled a bit of pixie dust on their heads (found at the dollar store). They all turned out pretty cute and it was fun to see all of the fairies in our home (and just to clarify--the pixie dust did not make them fly!).

Just a note on the picture: I blurred out A's face for privacy, so that is why it looks a little odd. She also isn't wearing her headband here, but she loved hers just the same.:)

Coming up...more hand made creations for A's fairy party!

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Theo-Ann said...

Dear anonymous (who posted a note here in March of 2012--it's been deleted), I have done less posting now about our two foster daughters because it is a rule that we don't show them on the internet. More often than not parents are asked if their child's picture can be posted, so I thought you should know that. Thanks for your concern though.