Friday, March 25, 2011

Gardening fun (plus a surprise!)

For the past couple of weeks, Q has been outside working on the garden area. He recently ordered seeds for this year and wants to be ready. A few days ago, Q had A help him plant tomato and pepper seeds in styrofoam cups. (When we refer to our foster daughter we'll call her A and not show her face to protect her.) This was a great learning thing for her to do with Q. She is excited to see these plants grow.

The cups will stay in a cake carrier which will act like a small green house until the plants are ready to go outside.

The two walked outside to the garden area to plant some peas.

A got to plant a few herself--what great fun!

And now for the surprise--remember I mentioned that we were thinking about getting a few chicks? Well, Q and A got to buy four of them yesterday. A chose a black chick with a little white in it. There's another one like it for me, and they're the breed called "barred rock." She named hers Tinkerbell and I named mine Dorothy, after the main character in the Wizard of Oz (I am a Judy Garland fan!). Her nickname will be Dot because of the white spot on her head. The third one is a "sex-link", a beautiful yellow and tan variety. Q named her Mary Poppins. Then, the last one is a yellow chick called a "turken." It's a pretty interesting breed because it has no feathers on part of its head and neck.

Take a look.....

We have not named her yet, and thought one of you out there can help us out! Please send us your name ideas. Perhaps yours will be chosen for our last little bird.

Right now the chicks are in a box under a light to keep them warm. We've placed them in our spare bathroom with all of the necessities they need. They are eating and drinking well. We hope they will all survive and grow to be gorgeous hens that will lay lots of eggs for us! We'll keep you posted on them and on the garden.

How's your garden preparations going? Oh--and don't forget to send us your name ideas for our last chick! Until next time....

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