Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our church Christmas decorations

This past weekend, Mary and I got together to decorate the church. Mary is a sweet older lady who has become a good friend to me. Q looked around the church for decorations and found a tree we could use. He also found a couple of boxes with decorations, so we sorted through those. Then, he gave us a budget to get the things we needed to complete the look he wanted for the church. When we got done shopping at the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby, this is what the tree looked like:

Not too bad, eh? The star tree topper came from Hobby Lobby (it was fifty percent off, so we just paid a few dollars for it!), the ball ornaments were from Dollar Tree and the lights were from the grocery store. After realizing that the ones we had bought from Hobby Lobby had the white wire, I drove to the nearest store to get green wired ones.

Under the tree, I placed four gifts that were wrapped with wrapping paper that I found at church and home. I also used some sparkly ribbon from the dollar store, too. I chose four empty boxes in different sizes to do this easy project. For our tree skirt, we used two snow drapes from the dollar store. We also bought a couple of candle rings for a few electric candles that we placed on all of the window sills along the sides of the church auditorium. We also placed a couple of nativity sets, a poinsettia, and a wreath in different areas of the church.

We spent about $35 for everything, which was the budget Q gave us. Sometimes less is more, and I think everything turned out well. Everyone was surprised on Sunday morning when they saw the decorations.

Downstairs in our children's area, I put up this simple Nativity bulletin board. I've used this set many times before when I taught school.

On the white board, I placed the wisemen and camel from the same bulletin board set to create this new one. I found snowflake window clings at the church, too and placed that around the figures.

So there you have it--simple and meaningful Christmas decorations for our small church. Hope it gives you some ideas for now and the future. It was awesome that we were able to decorate simply without using a lot of money. We made the funds stretch by using things we had on hand as well. Happy decorating!

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