Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some books from my past....

While I organized our children's bookshelf, I stumbled across these old Spanish books that I've had since I was a kid. My dad is Puerto Rican and although my mom is not, she lived in P.R. as a teen and learned the language very well. I grew up in a bilingual home and I learned how to speak, read and write in Spanish. Of course, the speaking came easier when I was very young, but even as an elementary school kid, I learned how to read the language by using these books--the El Monstruo series! 

"El monstruo" means "the monster", but this tall and smiling purple guy doesn't fit the typical monster characteristics. Each book shares a new adventure that he takes with children. The pictures are great and the stories are delightful. I've been reading them again and it's brought back some awesome memories.

I almost lost this set of books a few years ago. When I moved to Colorado 12 years ago, I loaned them to the Spanish teacher to use with her high school students. After she left the school, I forgot about getting them back. Then, one day I thought of them and went looking everywhere for them. No one seemed to know where they were. Then, just a few years ago, they were found by a school staff member who saw my name inside the covers of these books. I was so glad! I know that material things don't last and I won't be able to take them to Heaven, but I wanted these not only for a memory, but to share with my children someday. It's part of my Spanish heritage.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a bit of Spanish each year to my elementary and kindergarten students. If you're thinking about having your children learn a second language, Spanish is an excellent choice! Not only is it easy (no crazy phonics rules like English), but you never know how God can use it in their lives. There are many opportunities to witness to Hispanics--even in the United States! It's also a great asset to businesses, and the pay may even be better if you know a second language. So--go for it! Get some curriculum or DVD's, and you may even be learning alongside, too.

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