Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies--the healthy way!

When your husband comes home from work, snatches a warm cookie off the cooling rack, takes a bite and says, "Wow! You haven't made anything like this before. These are good!", you know you have to blog about it.

And then you also have to say, "Ummm...I've made other good things before, right?" ;) His comment sounded a bit weird, but he does compliment me on my cooking and baking. I just know that he really loves warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies!

I've been looking for more ways to incorporate whole wheat and other healthy stuff into my baking, so when I found this recipe (then finally did it a few months later:), I got really excited!
You have to check out Erin's blog, 5 dollar dinners. She does an awesome job of putting great meals and desserts together--all for five dollars or less!  

You can get her "Healthified Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe here. The only change I made was that I added wheat germ in place of the flaxseed. It still turned out awesome!

With all this yummy chocolatey goodness, you'll forget that it is healthy for you--really! Enjoy!

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