Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time with Miss Potter

As my recovery continues, Mom and I have been trying to fill our time with things that I can do.  One of the first things we did was watch the movie, Miss Potter. She had never seen it and I knew she would love it!  While it's not a focus of mine to recommend entertainment on my blog, I must say that this movie is one that is well-worth your time and attention.  Mom is a former kindergarten teacher like me, and so we just love reading children's books.  We are both into art, so Beatrix Potter is up there on our list of top-classic literature.

I own a few of her books, so I thought that after the movie, I'd read them, even though I've read some of them before.  Potter is a delightful story teller, adding her sense of whit and humor throughout the books. Mom even started looking and reading through the books when I was done.  I think it's true to say, "Once a teacher, always a teacher." If you haven't seen the movie or read a lot of the books yet, do so right away. You and your family will learn a lot about history, art, nature, and be exposed to a series of classic literature.


Erin said...

I loved that movie too!!! It's is so sweet.

Cheri said...

I recently watched Miss Potter, and loved it! And I fondly remember Mom reading a book or two by her when we girls were younger. Now I'm on the look out for vintage books by Beatrix Potter. =)

Get well, soon!