Monday, November 24, 2008

Sweet little girl boxes

I decorated these boxes for my nieces to use to store their doll clothes.  I first used some fine grain sand paper to smooth out the wood.  Then I stained the boxes a medium wood color. 
When that finished drying, I used 
a flower stamp and dipped it into pink craft paint and stamped all over the box. The leaves were a different stamp, so I dipped that into green craft paint and placed the leaves on the flowers.  I used a paint brush to paint a dark pink dot in the middle of the flowers.  I also used the paint brush to write the girls' names on the top of the boxes.  The inside of the boxes were also stained, but I also did one more thing to give it that final touch.  I bought sparkly pink felt and lined the bottom with it.  After placing the doll outfit I made for each of them inside, there was still plenty of room to put several more outfits and accessories for their dolls.  I know that the girls have a special place where they keep these boxes.  They really love having a personalized box to keep all their doll stuff in.

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