Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No more falling towels!

We all have the same problem, don't we? As soon as we wipe our fingers on a towel hanging on the oven door, it falls off and we have to pick it up again. Or, we bump into it and it gets crooked (not a very good thing for those of us who like things looking neat all the time!).

So, I was really excited when I saw an idea in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine (September 2009) to help this problem.

Take a look at this...

The ends of the towel are stuck together with Velcro pieces. I'm glad it won't fall off anymore. I ran out of Velcro after doing my second towel, so I will have to plan to do more in the future.

To do this with your kitchen towels, measure the length of the ends and cut your strips accordingly. (There's about an inch margin on each side of mine, but you can go all the way to the edge if you'd like). Sew the stiff loopy side to the front on one end. Then sew on the soft fuzzy side to the back on the other end. You can also use iron-on Velcro strips if you don't have a sewing machine.  

This only took a few minutes to do and it's a simple project for even the beginner sewer. 

What new fun tip have you come across that makes your life simpler or easier? I would love to hear your ideas!


lizzykristine said...

Now that is a terrific idea! I will have to do that to some of my favorite kitchen towels.... :) Thanks for sharing!

Theo-Ann said...

I'm so glad you liked this one...can't wait to do more.:) Wouldn't this be a great idea to do for someone's bridal shower? Give them a few towels as a gift with the velcro already on!:)

Abigail said...

That is a cool idea!!!

Theo-Ann said...

Another "good thing" from Martha Stewart! I do really like her stuff, although sometimes the piggy bank won't allow me to do some of it!:)