Thursday, January 12, 2012

My gift to A

Since this last fall, A has been wanting her very own scarf. I was lending her mine on those very cold days on our walk to school. Little did she know that I was working on one as a gift for Christmas (I just love surprises, don't you?:).

Many days and hours later, this pink and green beauty, done only in a garter stitch was finally completed. The fringe went on the night before Christmas, so I was relieved to have it done.

After church that morning, Q took the girls outside to take pictures of them in their special dresses while I worked on lunch. I put the scarf on and waited for A to come in the door. She immediately noticed and asked about it. I asked her if she liked it and then told her it was hers. We took a couple of pictures and her face says it all (wish I could show you but because she's in foster care, can't do it). I was unsure how many things I could make this year, but I knew I had to do this one for her. She wears her scarf proudly everywhere and she lets people know that "Mommy Q" (her nickname for me) made it just for her.

This is a memory of Christmas I will never forget.

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Heather said...

Oh it is beautiful!! Great Job turned out well love the colors :) When I get home I am going to have my Mom give me another crash course in crochet...I am not the best but I am determined ~Love Heather