Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My gift to baby Eli

It's finally finished, and I'm so glad! I can mail out this outfit I made for Eli tomorrow. I used Simplicity pattern 3765 to make this shirt and pants set. Instead of using velcro to close the top of the shirt, I used snaps. The red fabric is thick and was free, as I received it with a load of other material from my neighbor. I bought the brown corduroy fabric at Joann's to make the pants.

The entire outfit was pretty easy to make. I love the side pockets on the pants--too cute! I made the six-month-old size so that he could wear this some time in the fall. The two fabrics will keep him warm in the cooler weather.

To embellish the shirt, I bought this monkey iron-on, (from Tulips Co.), designed for use on a baby outfit. Isn't he adorable?

I like to iron on a handmade label on the outfits I make for my nieces and nephews. I stitched my initials on this one using red embroidery floss.

Remember this little monster I made a while back? This guy is going to Eli, too. I used the same two fabrics on him as I did for the outfit. Because he has button eyes, he will have to be just a decoration until Eli gets older. Then he can play with him all he wants.:) I can't wait to see pictures of Eli wearing the outfit I made for him. I'm sure his mom will love it, too!


The Watts Family said...

Great Job on the clothes for Eli they will look so cute on him!~ Love the monster ~Blessings :-)

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks.:) I can't wait to see it on him. Have a wonderful day!

Tania said...

Cute! That doesn't look handmade at all. I love it!

Theo-Ann said...

thanks, Tania.:) Have a great weekend.