Thursday, May 6, 2010

More spring time cards...

The ladies card-making group got together yesterday...this time at my house! It was fun having them over and making these beautiful cards...

I haven't done a lot of embossing, so this was a fun thing for me to do. The three flowers were stamped with an embossing stamp pad; then the white powder went on; finally, the heating tool was used to make the flowers stand out.

I think this was my favorite card to make. I enjoyed stamping all the layers of vines and flowers. The brown color is also elegant and classy.

These gold-foiled butterflies are absolutely gorgeous! This will be a nice graduation card for someone this year.

This is my other favorite of the bunch. We colored in the 3D flowers with chalk and glitter glue. It truly stands out!;)

Have you made any new cards lately? I would love to see what you've been up to!:)

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Abigail said...

WOW! Those are beautiful cards! I want to come to the card party!