Saturday, May 8, 2010

Full of blooms Mother's Day card

This year's Mother's Day card is not only a card, but a gift as well. I made five of these and sent them to family members. Inside each card is a packet of wildflower seeds.

I cut out the flower on the front with a craft knife. Then using watercolor pencils, I painted the rest of the flower and grass.

To make the seed packets, I cut out small pieces of vinyl, folded them in half then stitched around them with my sewing machine. I left a small opening to fill them with seeds, then stitched it closed.

To adhere the packet onto the back of the flower cut out, I used a hot glue gun and placed just a few dots of glue. I suppose you could also use small pieces of tape. You just want to make sure that it's strong enough to hold it well, but not impossible to remove by the recipient.

On the left hand side of the inside of the card, I wrote out the directions for planting the seeds.

On the other side, I glued on this fabric flower and wrote the message above. This was a fun and sweet card to make! 

Happy Mother's Day!


Abigail said...

I thought this was a super cute idea! Where did you come up with it?

Theo-Ann said...

I just thought of it after seeing the idea of putting seeds in paper. i thought the vinyl pouch was an alternative to this. Everyone loves flowers, too!:)

Tania said...

Such a cute idea!! I love it!